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About Us

About Us

Htet Min Aung Company Limited is a family owned business, which has been catering the international markets in Electrical Goods – Lightings and Home Cable Wires, as well as Construction Materials- House Building Instruments, Paints and others for over 10 years and represents many Brand names around the world as selling and buying agents for their categorized product line.


We started our operations in 2007 and became a Htet Min Aung Company Limited in Myanmar on 10.02.2016. An emerging Civil and Mechanical Works involving on Site Fabrication and Erection of Structural Paints; Pipe and Pipe Fitting; Construction Equipment, Instruments and Materials; Electrical and Mechanical Work; Building Hard Tools; Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and Cement; Iron, Metal and Steel Structure; Cable Wires;etc. will be economically and remarkably traded by Htet Min Aung Co.,Ltd.


Through in this time we have established good ties with brands names around the globe for their product line from Countries Including China, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, and Thailand and so on.


We introduce our company as one having successful track record of more than 10 years in distribution of construction materials ie. Paints, Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Steel, Iron and Metal Instruments, Cements, Refineries, Petrochemical & Fertilizer and Other Infrastructure Project Tools.

The Confidentiality of Sellers and Buyers

With world class production processes – Continuously delivering on Required Quality under one roof – Equipped with a Most Professional Merchandising and Quality Control Team – With Time to Time Inspections for Perfection per buyer’s criteria, we provide the confidential and satisfied orders of sellers and buyers in the ASEAN Nations and other parts of the world.

Our Mission

To strive market-oriented formalities; to get a special competitive prices on trade;to cooperate with good services, to provide better installation and implementation with the standard construction items; to assist the partners of our firm that are our highest ambitions and competitive manners, hoping for the profits of the merchants who shake hands with us.

Our Vision

A good Vision is meant to stretch a company by articulating an ambitious but attainable future state. Our ability to develop and produce the Innovative Products, Services and Solutions that satisfy emerging customers need with a view to change in the market as an opportunity to grow and to use is to be provided together with all customers and partners.

Our Value

The “customer always right” is our valuable aspect to pay attention to our relationship forever. Satisfaction could not be bought but everyone may have satisfaction at our company tables. Warmly welcome all businessmen to our company to cooperate with us on our business field.